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Corporate Responsibility

Welcome to the World Bank's Corporate Responsibility Program Web site. This Web site brings together topics covered under a formal "sustainability report" to give readers an understanding of how the World Bank operates as a responsible institution.

Environmental Responsibility highlights initiatives under way to measure and reduce our corporate environmental impact, including greenhouse gas emissions associated with our day-to-day internal operations, and our upstream and downstream impacts. This is where you will also find our corporate carbon inventory and Inventory Management Plan (IMP, the document that outlines the process we follow to create the inventory).

Social Responsibility describes our stakeholders--shareholders, partners, clients, and staff. It also includes information on the internal commitment to a quality workplace, ensuring fair staff benefits, staff safety, and partnerships in our local communities.

While we have published stand-alone Sustainability Reports in the past, we are now providing a library of information about sustainability within the World Bank, with links to further and more current information. A comprehensive Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) index, with responses to specific indicators, is updated annually.

The GRI index, in addition to our previous reports, is available under the GRI Index tab.

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Development Committee Meeting Document

Voting Power Reforms Increase Developing Country Voice

On the final day of the 2010 World Bank Group-International Monetary Fund Spring Meetings, the Development Committee of the Boards of Governors committed to increase the voice and participation of developing countries in the governance of the institution. "The change in voting-power helps us better reflect the realities of a new multi-polar global economy where developing countries are now key global players," said Bank Group President Robert B. Zoellick, at the closing press conference. This historic move speaks to reform, diversity, and greater stakeholder representation in our governance-key elements of a responsible institution. read more >>